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Flourishing in Kuwait and internationally…

The Alarfaj flower, so prevalent in Arabian deserts, seeks what it needs to survive and flourish in an ecosystem that defeats most plant life. With a root system hearty enough to cut through sand baked solid, the Alarfaj finds the nourishment required to sustain and spread its familiar yellow and orange flowers across the peninsula.

A solid bush-like plant, the Alarfaj is as revered for its practical purposes as it is for its beauty. For centuries, desert travelers have made camp adjacent to an Alarfaj patch. The plants are dense enough to serve as a breakfront and provide protection from the wind and sand.

The Al-Arfaj Group is like that ubiquitous plant. Flourishing in economic systems that defeats others; using strong roots well planted to find what is required to grow; providing protection in environments that can be hostile. Just as nomads looked for the Alarfaj plant when setting up camp in the desert, companies establishing themselves in the region find it beneficial to look to the Al-Arfaj Group.

Founded in Kuwait thirty years ago as a small trading company, the group has systematically, and logically, expended. With the launch of the Engineering Development Company (EDC) in 1985 and the International Projects Company (IPC) in 1992, the Al-Arfaj Group moved onto the international stage and has successfully used its “root system” to sustain and grow both independent and join venture projects.

IPC and DEC are just two of the companies held by Al-Arfaj Group. As the primary international arms of the Group, they are the companies most familiar to business entities around the world. However, the group umbrella covers ten other successful companies well known in Kuwait and throughout the region.

Strong roots. Efficient systems for securing development. Beautiful results. Whether you spell it Alarfaj or Al-Arfaj, the description fits. And like the desert flower, the Al-Arfaj Group flourishes wherever it grows.

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