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City international exchange Company

City International Exchange Co. W.L.L. (City Exchange) is one of the leading Exchange Houses in Kuwait, trusted since 1984 by the residents and Corporates, for their remittance and cash currency requirements.

City Exchange is part of the well-known Al-Arfaj group of Kuwait, headed by Chairman M., Saud Al-Arfaj.

City Exchange, with an unblemished track record of 32 years, has grown from a USD 350,000 Company with one Branch to USO 7,000,000 Company with 11 Branches including two Mobile Branches. we have solid AML & KYC policies backed by professionally managed teants at various levels, using the state-of-the-art technologies. In addition, we hold an enviable record of successive clear Audit and Inspection reports from our regulators, the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Major operations of this Exchange Company consist of remittances in the form of money transfers, currency exchange, corporate services etc. The Company deals with sale and purchase of Currency Notes as well, besides holding a license for dealing in precious metals. The customers are mostly the expatriates in Kuwait, which include nationals of Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka etc. besides the Citizens of Kuwait.

The Company has a network of 35 correspondent Banks all over the globe including the local Banks. The company has tied up with Money service providers like the Western Union, Transfast and  Unikremit and is exploring further expansion. The Company holds excellent relations with its Correspondents and agents.

the annual business turnover is to more than half a billion dollars from remittances alone. The Head office of the Company is located at Ali Towers, Qibla, Kuwait City.

Branches are conveniently located at major places with customer-friendly ambience and technology. Customer loyalty is the hallmark of City Exchange as it has a consistent business turnover level despite tough competition in the market.

Company has plans for further expansion and maintains its growth.

Beatouna Recycling Company

In our continuous effort to excel in the environmental field, Al Arfaj Group Holding has managed to dominate the recycling industry by adding a new company to its portfolio under the name of Beatouna Recycling Company. A state of the art plastic recycling plant on a 100.000 square meter land in the Amghara area.

Beatouna Recycling Company purchases and recycles plastic scrap such as


High-density :polyethylene


Low-density :polyethylene



With a capacity of 12,000 tons per annum, the plastic scrap is shredded, washed, dried and extruded to pellets. These pellets are then exported to the global polymer industry, for film blowing, molding and ultimately converted into a wide variety of plastic products and a capacity of 1500 Tons of paper monthly.

At Beatouna, we take pride in helping in conserving the environment as every ounce of plastic recycled is an ounce kept out of landfill sites, reducing the demand for landfill space.

We minimize the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing process, conserving the natural resources such as water. All used water along the production line is harvested, filtered, recycled and re-used.

Our aim is to profit from a cleaner and healthier environment.


Kuwait Waste Collection & Recycling Company

Since 1961 Abdul Aziz A. Al-Arfaj Company has enjoyed steady growth in the forty years of its business. The management anticipates continued growth in the coming years through the quality of services it provides.

KWCR ‘a member of Al-Arfaj Group Holding Company' was previously the inter-cleaning department of Abdul Aziz Al-Arfaj, which was established and registered in 1980. Its workforce is currently over 4,000 employees, currently operating more than a hundred projects

in which they provide a wide range of Janitorial Services, Tea boys IMessengers services, landscape division, as well as a full recycling division on a 10.000 square meters land in the Amghara area producing 6000 tons of paper monthly.

Kuwait Waste Collection & Recycling Company's main objective
is to continue in the supplying of Tea Boys and Messengers services and the specialization of inter-cleaning services to the Government, Commercial and Private sectors and continue to export in its recycling division.

KWCR , through its total commitments to customer satisfaction, achieved by stable performance, has continuously increased its market share in the private sector, and now has successfully managed to achieve its pre-planned goals throughout its years of experience.

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Trust Specialized Trading & Contracting Company

Trust Specialized Trading & Contracting Company is a privately held business operating within the AL-ARFAJ GROUP Holding Company in Kuwait.

Since Trust was established in 1981 as the cleaning arm of Abdul Aziz A. Al-Arfaj Group, the company has broadened its expertise to include a wide range of cleaning, janitorial, landscaping, pest control and commercial services for both industrial and domestic sectors.

Trust has built a renowned name for itself along the years through commitment, efficiency, and understanding the needs of our customers to tailor made the perfect solution accordingly for each which is reflected in a high-quality delivery services and paved the way to expand its market share in Kuwait in both the private and public sectors.